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March - home sweet home

We have spent the last month travelling around New Zealand, visiting friends and ‘workawaying’ ( ) in some stunning locations. It was my first time in New Zealand and it reminded me of Galicia in many ways: wide, deserted beaches, friendly people, plenty of space, thermal pools (as we have in Orense), and mountains and greenness everywhere you look.

We enjoyed our break enormously but it’s good to be home at last. With the coronavirus lockdowns beginning just as we started our return journey it was a race across three continents and five countries, using planes, trains and automobiles to get here.

Of course when we set off on our travels a short month ago we couldn’t have predicted a pandemic of such overwhelming proportions to occur. In some ways it is a very different Galicia that we have returned to – bars, restaurants and most shops are closed. The very fabric of a Galego day: coffee in a bar, a menu del dia for lunch, a vino in the evening, fiestas and social events, have all gone for the time being. Yet, in our rural locality life is carrying on much as before. Our neighbours still have to walk the cows – shouting ‘hola’ from a safe distance (safe for the sake of my hearing that is). Wood still needs cutting, fields need tending, spring planting needs to be started. My allotment is a foot high tangle of various grasses and weeds and the polytunnel has sprouted a mass of lettuce and red mustard plants in my absence. The leeks have grown fat while we were away, the bees are nesting in the old stonework, gorging themselves on the rosemary blossom. The air is filled with the scent of spring and I have plenty to keep me busy at home, sowing and planting this year’s crops, baking, and of course, writing.

My first book, Plum, courgette and green bean tart, is at the publishers right now being edited and we are planning a launch in the autumn (viruses not withstanding). In the meantime, don’t forget the prequel short story, Camino, is still available for free download if you sign up for our newsletter. Just follow this link:

It’s just the thing to while away the time if you are stuck at home. Stay safe until next time.

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